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Care For Me

Half-Hour  •  Comedy / Drama  •  34 pages

The dynamics of a young couple's codependent relationship are challenged by a potentially fatal medical diagnosis.

The Walking Dead Title Page

The Walking Dead

Stunt Spec  •  Comedy  •  6 pages

A mutiny lead by the illustrious Desus and Mero forces Rick to reconsider his role as the group's leader.

Open Death and All His Friends - Pilot.p

Death And All His Friends

Half-Hour  •  Comedy / Drama  •  38 pages

When a mysterious virus upends the nation, turning the infected into flesh-eating monsters, a group of survivors must reconcile their entangled past and learn to coexist––or die. 



Stunt Spec  •  Comedy  •  6 pages

Elaine confides in Jerry about a traumatic sexual experience but immediately regrets it.

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